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Burdette, Avery (15th July 1953-Present)

He is a keyboardist and vocalist born in Guntersville, Alabama, who began his interest in music when he about four years old.

While very young he played his mother’s organ by using the foot pedals and then played the trombone before concentrating on the keyboard in the 1960s.  He went to enter the Berklee School of Music in Boston where he studied composition.

He returned to Alabama where he became known for his jazz performances and put together the Burdette Quartette. Deciding to spread his wings, he went to Nashville, Tennessee, and became a sideman and session musician.

During the course of his performing career he has worked with many groups and artists that include Dizzy Gillespie, The Temptations and Tanya Tucker.  He was also a member of The Burrito Brothers during 1982.

In 1987 he relocated to Southern California to work for Yamaha Music, where he has held positions that include Product Manager for Music Production and Senior Application Specialist.  He can still be heard performing gigs across the state either as a solo pianist or with various Californian bands.

Albums he has appeared on include While the Serpent Lays Sleeping by Pierce Pettis and Awesome and Ear-resistable by The Temptations.

The 2000s also saw Avery working in collaboration with Gary Bruno, and releasing the 2007 Friends by The Bruno/Burdette Project, performing with the band for Springsteen! The Premier Tribute to the Boss and in the Jimmy Buffett tribute band known as Mark Wood and The Parrot Head Band.

Here he is being interviewed…