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Burgess, Jon

He is a trumpeter and teacher who studied at the Universities of Illinois, Kansas and Arizona.

In his professional career as a trumpeter he has performed with many orchestras and ensembles that include the Anthem Brass Ensemble, the Kentuckian Brass and Percussion Ensemble, the Florida Orchestra, the King’s Brass , the National Repertory Orchestra, the Timbre Brass Quintet, the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, the San Diego Symphony and the Phoenix Symphony.  He has also hosted the 2003 International Trumpet Guild Conference and edited the Pedagogical Topics for the International Trumpet Guild Journal.

In the field of musical education he was a was a teacher for 12 years at Morehead State University, Kentucky, and he now holds the position of Divisional Chair, Brass and Associate Professor of Trumpet at the Texas Christian University.

Here he is performing “Silent Night” with the Anthem Brass Ensemble…