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Cowsill, John (2nd March 1956-Present)

He is a singer and drummer born in Newport, Rhode Island who was an original member of The Cowsills through the ’60s and ’70s and reformed with them in 1990.  His family were approached at one point to play the roles of the children on the television series The Partridge Family, but they were not willing to have actress Shirley Jones play the role of their mother instead of their real mother.

He performed with Jan & Dean, was part of the Dwight Twiley Band and has appeared on Full House and General Hospital.

He married Vicki Peterson of The Bangles in 2003.

He joined the Beach Boys in 2001 on keyboards and vocals and in 2008 moved onto the drums.  He appeared with them in 2011 for their 50th Anniversary Tour and performed on their That’s Why God Made the Radio in 2012.

Here he is on the drums and singing “Help Me Rhonda” with the Beach Boys….