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Daughtry, Dean (8th September 1946-26th January 2023)

He was a keyboard player and songwriter born in Kinston, Alabama.

As a member of The Candymen, he toured with Roy Orbison in the 1960s, and when 1970 came around he joined the group Atlanta Rhythm Section , co-writing many of their songs.  He left them briefly in the mid 1980s but returned to the band in 1989.

He also performed with Tom Wilson, Al Kooper, Newsong, Sea Hags, Michael Dyke, Frankie & Johnny and Mylon LeFevre.

He died in Huntsville, Alabama in January 2023 when he was 76 years old.

Atlanta Rhythm Section recordings
The Ballad of Lois Malone(Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/Dean Daughtry /Barry Bailey)
Polydor PD 14484, 77 NP 3347 2066 937)(US 45)
Champagne Jam (Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/J.R. Cobb )
(Polydor PD 14504, 77 NP 3341 2066 980) (US 45)
The Great Escape(Buddy Buie/Robert Nix /Barry Bailey)
(Polydor PD 14504, 77 NP 3348 2066 980)(US 45)
I’m Not Going to Let It Bother Me Tonight (Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/Dean Daughtry )
(Polydor PD 14484, 77 NP-3343-2066 937)(US 45)
Silver Eagle (Buddy Buie/J.R. Cobb)
(Polydor PD 2142, 80 NP 5177 2095 302)(US promo 45)

Here he is on keyboards with the Atlanta Rhythm Section performing “Back Up Against the Wall”…