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Davies, Clifford “Cliff” (1948-13th April 2008)

He was a drummer, percussionist, backing singer and producer who was the drummer for the Roy Young Band from 1970-1972.

After he split from the band he became a member of the rock band IF and followed that as a drummer for Ted Nugent in 1975, who he stayed with for many years, appearing on the majority of his numerous albums as a drummer and/or producer.  He was also the producer on the soundtrack of the 1997 movie Private Parts.

Other artists he worked with include Meat Loaf and the Matt Wade Group.  He settled in Atlanta, Georgia as teacher of drums and piano and was involved in founding the Rock and Roll Remembers Foundation.  He also became a Chief Engineer at the Equametric Studio.  He took his own life in April 2008.

Here he is on drums with the The Undercover Band Atlanta, which he co-founded…