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Denny, David (5th February 1948-Present)

He is a producer, engineer, guitarist and singer-songwriter born in Berkeley, California.

In 1967 he was a founder member of the group All Night Flight that would eventually be known as Frumious Bandersnatch.  In 1970 he became part of the Steve Miller Band and wrote their songs “The Stake (Nobody Loves You Like the Way I Do)” and “Circle of Fire”.  He left them temporarily in 1973 to form the band Joker but returned to perform on the Fly Like an Eagle tour and stayed with them until 1979.

Leaving to devote his time to his family he built several recording studios over the years and recorded demos for other artists.  He was a co founder, recorder and producer of Sy Klopps in 1987 and their first album Walter Ego, was released in 1995.

In his solo career he has released the solo albums Calamari Gold featuring Ross Valory , Bobby Vega and Bobby Scott, Louisiana Sky and Diesel Harmonics that features Anders Rundblad, Sheryl Crow , Prairie Prince and Chris Isaak.  In 2007 he finished Marie 21 and Flying which is a one-man musical monologue directed by David Ford.  In April 1998 he was nominated Artist of the Month by the H.E.A.R. Organisation.

Here’s Frumious Bandersnatch with “Hearts to Cry”…