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Destri, Jimmy (13th April 1954-Present)

He is a keyboardist, producer and songwriter born James Destri in Brooklyn, New York.

In 1974/5 he became a member of the New Wave band Blondie that had been put together by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein and with them has seen success that has so far spanned over a three-decade period.  Writing many of their songs including “Maria”, “11:59 ” and co-writing “Atomic” he rejoined them in 1997 after they had been disbanded for a 15 year period and still performs and records with them, although stopped touring in 2004.  His sister, Donna, was a backing singer for Blondie’s single “Living in the Real World”.

In 1981 he began following his solo career and released the album Heart on a Wall and in the interim period when Blondie were apart, he ran his own business renovating and selling old buildings.  Working as a producer he has worked on recordings by artists that include INXS and Prince.

Blondie recordings
Heart of Glass (Debbie Harry/Chris Stein )
Chrysalis CHS 2295 (US 45)
11:59 (Jimmy Destri)
Chrysalis CHS 2295 (US 45)

Here he is with his “Don’t Look Around”….