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Dinwiddie, Brother Gene (19th September 1936-11th January 2002)

He was a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, arranger and composer, best known for the saxophone, born in Louisville, Kentucky.  He began performing in the 1950s and for the next ten years or so was active in the jazz and blues circuit.

In 1967 he joined up with Paul Butterfield’s Blues Band just prior to their performance at the Monterey Pop Festival and made his debut recording with them.  He went on to record several more albums with them and was a soloist on “Double Trouble” and the hit song “Love March” which appeared on the live Woodstock album.

He left the band in the mid-1970s and went to work in the offshoot group Full Moon.  He also worked in the studio with several other musicians before returning to the Paul Butterfield’s Blues Band.

The artists he worked with during the course of his career include Gregg Allman, the James Cotton Blues Band, Etta James, Lightnin’ Rod, Jackie Lomax, Melissa Manchester and Geoff & Maria Muldaur.

His album output as a writer or musician was substantial and a few of them include Playin’ Up a Storm by the Gregg Allman Band, In My Own Dream, Keep on Moving and The Resurrestion of Pigboy Crabshaw by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Full Moon by Full Moon, Guess Who by B.B. King and Something/Anything by Todd Rundgren.

He passed away in La Puente, Los Angeles, California in January 2002 when he was 65 years old.

Todd Rundgren recordings
Cold Morning Light (Todd Rundgren)
Bearsville BSV 0009 (PCA2021)S
Hello It’s Me (Todd Rundgren)
Bearsville BSV 0009 (PCA0258)S

Here he is on lead vocals and mandolin performing “Take This Winter Out of My Mind” with Full Moon….