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Donald, Timi (1946-Present)

He is a drummer born in Bristol, England who became a member of the Glasgow band The Pathfinders in 1965, who were known as Jason’s Flock for a short time between 1966 and 1967.  They moved down to London before the end of the ’60s as The Pathfinders and after having cut “Waterloo Station” where the lead singer was replaced by the 17 year old Peter Frampton for that particular session, they were soon promptly renamed White Trash.

In 1969 George Harrison took them into the Apple fold and they would release the single “Road To Nowhere”/”Illusions” and they came up against another name change to Trash after the BBC were not happy with the name White Trash and it was suggested that it would not be played on American radio or TV for racial reasons.  Later in 1969 they reached No. 35 in the UK chart with their cover version of “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight”.

They became disillusioned with Apple and left the label and Timi carried on with the band throughout a further name change to Cody and then co-founded the group Blue with Ian MacMillan and Hugh Nicholson .  He stayed with them for their first few albums but moved on before they saw chart success.

He went on to work with artists such as Richard Thompson, John Cale, Neil Innes, Quiver, Iain Matthews and Sandy Denny.

Here’s “Look Around” by Blue…