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Dunn, Jennifer (6th June 1974-Present)

She is a singer-songwriter now known as Gwenevered born in Farmington, Missouri, who began by playing the flute from the time she was ten years old.

She performed flute and choral solos while at middle school and during high school she held the position of alternating first/second flute, was a member of various school bands and sang with the choral groups while also taking choral music studies.   She went on to attend Mineral Area College where she won a full music scholarship and completed her degree at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1997.

After receiving her degree she decided to start writing her own songs and in 2002 she began to sing as a member of the Saint Louis Chamber Chorus and the Saint Louis Symphony Chorus.

Around 2005 she went out on her own as Gwenevered, writing and co-writing her own style of music and also performing existing songs that range from Indian to Alternative Folk to Traditional.  A current member of BMI she released her self-titled Demo CD in 2005 and that same year received the honour of being one of the Top 10 in “The Best” competition run by

St. Louis Chamber Chorus recordings
The Angel Gabriel (Traditional Basque/Sabine-Baring Gould)
SLCC 04 (CD: St Louis Chamber Orchestra: A Spanish Christmas)
Arranger: Edgar Pettman
ConductorPhilip Barnes

Here she is performing “Sincere”…


  7. CD liner notes: St. Louis Chamber Chorus – A Spanish Christmas