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D’Virgilio, Nick (12th November 1968-Present)

He is a drummer who was self taught from the age of three until he went to The Dick Grove School of Music when he was 17.

He was chosen with Nir Zidkyahu as the other drummer to replace Phil Collins in the band Genesis in 1997.  He worked on the Calling All Stations sessions and recorded a track with Peter Gabriel for the Princess Diana tribute CD.

In 2001 he released his solo album Karma and in 2002 he took over the lead vocals of Spock’s Beard.  He has also filled in for Mark Zonder on summer tour with Dream Theater and Queensryche.   He has worked with artists that include Tears for Fears and The Rubinoos and in 2007 became a member of Big Big Train.

In 2011 he released the solo EP Pieces and later that year announced his departure from Spock’s Beard due to his work with Cirque de Soleil.  He did, however, rejoin them for a couple of shows in 2016.  Later in 2016 he became part of the rock trio The Fringe.

Here he is drumming with Tears for Fears on “Call Me Mellow”….