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Erlanger, Louie X. (3rd June 1952-Present)

He is a guitarist and songwriter who was active in New York when he was recruited by the band Mink DeVille when they went to New York from San Francisco to try their luck.  They soon became well known in the local punk scene, appearing alongside artists such as The Ramones and Blondie , and their first album appearance was a contribution of three tracks for the CBGB club compilation.

In 1977 they saw success with their hit single “Spanish Stroll ” and released their first album Cabaretta.   After much of the band had left he and Willy DeVille and Steve Douglas travelled to Paris to record the album Le Chat Bleu that was released in the US in 1980.

Since leaving the band he has appeared with artists that include The Slamhound Hunters, R.L. Burnside and worked with ex-Mink DeVille member Steve Douglas & the Rebel Rousers.

Mink DeVille recordings
Spanish Stroll (Willy DeVille )
Gunslinger (Willy DeVille )

Here he is playing guitar with Mink DeVille on “Love and Emotion”…