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Gordon, Alex

He is a jazz pianist born in London, England, who studied at the University College School in Hampstead, London, and became a teacher in a school in Kenya from 1972 to 1973.  He attended jazz workshops and the Barry Summer School and followed that with a Foundation Course at Barnet Art College.

His professional musical career has seen him performing with the Jon Owen Band, Paul Gilroy, the George Hatcher band, Bruce Ruffin, Jose Feliciano, Marina Fiorentina, The Surfing Cowboys, his wife Ginny B and Mirage , which he co-founded.

He has held many residencies and played in countless international venues such as Milan, Rome, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Gambia and all over the UK, with the inclusion of the USAF bases.  In 1995 he became the owner-manager of the Ludlow Blue which is a musician’s co-operative improvisation workshop.  He has run his recording studio in Montreal, Canada.

Mirage recordings
Summer Grooves (Morris Michael )
Love and Devotion (Morris Michael/Bernard Michael )

Here’s “Summer Grooves” by Mirage…