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Gray, Tom (1975-Present)

He is a singer-songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist from Southport, England, who became a co-founder of the group Gomez.

They debuted in Leeds in 1996 and soon were recording demos, with an album being released in 1997.  1998 brought them success with their first single release which also became a chart hit,”78 Stone Wobble”, and since then have had over a dozen chart entries as well as a No. 2 UK album chart hit with Liquid Skin in 1999 and a No. 1 hit with the album How We Operate on the US Billboard Heatseeker chart in 2006.

He has worked with acts such as Jimmy Buffett as a guest vocalist and other albums he has appeared on include Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline and Out West with Gomez, Take The Weather With You by Jimmy Buffett and the soundtracks of American Beauty, Best Laid Plans, Gone in 60 Seconds, Permanent Midnight and Playing by Heart .

In the world of television and movies he has appeared as a guitarist in 1998’s Fast Food among others and also episodes of the TV shows Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Liquid News.  In 2006 he wrote the music for a children’s puppet show that was featured at the Edinburgh Festival.  He and his wife currently live in Brighton in the South of England.

Here he is performing “Love is Better Than a Warm Trombone”…