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Guller, Youra (1895-1980)

She was a classical pianist born Rose-Georgette Guller in Paris, France, who began to learn the piano when she was five years old and after having performed recitals she enrolled in the Paris Conservatory when she was nine.

She embarked on a 10-day tour to China in the 1930s and ended up staying for eight years and not getting ack to France until just before WWII.  As a Jew she had to hide but once the war was over she didn’t keep the best of health and only gave occasional performances.  She did, however get back to giving regular performances in the 1960s and debuted in New York in 1971.  She is known to have successfully adapted Baroque pieces from harpsichord to piano.

She died in Geneva in 1980 when she was 85 years old.

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