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Haehnel, Andrea (19th June 1971-Present)

Alto and student of psychology born in Gotha, Thuringia, Germany, who worked for a year as a teacher at the Haus am Seeberg school for disabled children in Gotha.  Following that she worked as a nanny in San Diego, California.

In 1992 she went to Dresden University of Technology where she studied General Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Pedagogical Psychology.  While there she worked on several government funded projects as a research assistant which led to her investigating anxiety disorders, cognitive biases in depression and anxiety and epidemiological issues.  She also translated documents relating to post-traumatic stress disorder from English to German.

In 1997 she achieved the “Qualified Psychologist” degree with distinction and that same year she worked at Dresden University’s Department of General Psychology as a Professional Research Assistant.  She began her studies for a doctorate at the Department of Clinical Psychology in Dresden and in 1999 attended Harvard University with funding from the German Academic Exchange Organisation.  While a student there she also worked at McLean Hospital in Belmont’s Dissociative Disorder Unit and Clinical Evaluation Unit as a Mental Health Specialistand undertook training at Boston University’s Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders.  While at Harvard University she was a member of the Harvard University Choir and appeared on their yuletide offering, Christmas in the Busch.

In 2002 she returned to Germany and took advanced studies at the Outpatient Center and Day Hospital in Dresden as a psychological psychotherapist.  Two years later she had her first daughter in 2004, followed by her second in 2005.

In 2006 she achieved her her “Psychological Psychotherapist” professional qualification and in 2007 worked as a research assistant at Dresden University’s Department of General Psychology.  She concluded her doctoral thesis and began work as a psychotherapist in Dresden.

Harvard University Choir recordings
Adeste Fidelis (Frederick Oakeley/John Francis Wade)
Pro Organo CD 7134 (Christmas in the Busch)
Conductor – Murray Forbes Somerville
Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra
Director – Robert Mealy
The Harvard Brass
Soprano – Awet Andemichael
Bass – Mark Risinger
Organists – Erica Johnson and Edward Jones

Here is the Harvard university Choir performing “This is My Song, O God of All the Nations”….


  3. Liner notes:  Christmas in the Busch