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Harrison, Nigel (18th April 1951-Present)

He is a bass player and musician born in Stockport, Cheshire, England.

Starting out on his professional career he moved further south in England and became the bass player for the band Farm and moved on to Silverhead who he was a member of from 1972 to 1974.

In 1977 he became part of the New York new wave group Blondie and saw success with them, including on his co-written songs such as “Eat to the Beat”, “War-Child” and “One Way or Another”,  until they disbanded in 1982.  For the next couple of years after that he performed with Chequered Past and was with them when they released their 1984 self-titled album.

In 1996 he was asked to rejoin Blondie after that had got back together, but after recording a few demos for their album No Exit he was dropped along with their guitarist Frank Infante.  Together they took out a lawsuit against the band but they were unsuccessful in their attempts.

Since the mid-2000s he has been a member of The Grabs and performed on their Sex, Fashion and Money album in 2005 and in 2006 was the bass player on No More Vinyl by the Little Girls.

As a composer he wrote the music for the 1987 film Nightforce, as a performer he appears on the Repo Man soundtrack, and his music has appeared in no less than 18 other movies and programmes.  As an actor he has appeared in the films Captain V and Breeders and in an episode of the TV series Glam Metal Detectives.

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll of Fame as a member of Blondie in 2006.

Blondie recordings
Heart of Glass (Debbie Harry/Chris Stein)
11:59 (Jimmy Destri)

Here he is on bass with Blondie on “Dreamin'”…