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Aguirre, Julian (28th January 1868-13th August 1924)

He was a pianist and composer born Julian Antonio Tomas Aguirre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who received his musical education at the Madrid Conservatory in Spain after his family had moved there when he was young.  He took further studies in Paris, France.

He established himself as a pianist on his return to Argentina and his numerous compositions include Argentine Rhapsody, piano pieces, instrumental work for ensembles and vocals for solo or group artists.  He used Creole melodies in a style that is nationalistic and became thought of as one of the most important Argentinian composers of his time.

In 1916 he founded the Argentine School of Music and in 1960 the Conservatory was given his name.

He passed away in 1924 and in 1926 it was decided that a monument should be built in his honour and the bronze bust was inauguarated in 1934.

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