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Albeniz, Isaac Manuel Francisco (29th May 1860-18th May 1909)

He was a pianist and composer born in Camprodon, Catalonia, Spain who was a child prodigy and made his first performance when he was four.  Although he passed the entrance examination for the Paris Conservatoire when he was seven he was refused admission because he had broken a window with a ball he had taken out of his pocket to play with.

When he was eight his mother took him to Madrid to study at the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he stayed until he was a teenager.  There was a legend that said that after he had become restless with his studies he stowed away on a ship to Argentina and played in cafes and performed concerts until he was able to afford enough to travel to Cuba and Puerto Rico.   This, of course, was untrue and has been proven several times over.

He continued to perform nonetheless and had given international concerts by the time he was fifteen.  When he was sixteen he studied at the Leipzig Conservatory and in Brussels but after he had traveled to Budapest to study with Franz Liszt he discovered he was in Germany.

After meeting the composer Filipe Pedrell he was inspired to write Spanish music which would bring him great acclaim.

He lived in Paris and London and continued to compose even after becoming ill with kidney disease.  His compositions include the suites Suite Espanola, Iberia, theatrical works, opera and many piano pieces.

He died when he was 48 years old in 1909 at Cambo-les-Bains , France .

Manuel Barrueco recordings
Suite Espanola, Opus 47, Manuel Barrueco, guitar – EMI 66574

Julian Bream recordings
Suite Espanola
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Guitar Julian Bream

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Dallas Wind Symphony recordings
Feast Day in Seville, Dallas Wind Symphony / Frederick Fennell – Reference Recordings RR-52CD

Adam Del Monte recordings
Granada, Adam Del Monte-Guitar – GSP 1020

Duo Erato recordings
Iberia – El Puerto, Dou Erato – GSP 1029

English Chamber Orchestra recordings
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London Symphony Orchestra recordings
Iberia, London Symphony Orchestra/Daniel, John Williams, guitar  Sony 48480
La Vega from La Alhambra, London Symphony Orchestra – Elmer Bernstein; Christopher Parkening, guitar – Angel 56859

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Newton-Oltman Guitar Duo recordings
Espagne (Souvenirs), Newman-Oltman Guitar Duo – Musicmasters 67181

Orchestre de Paris recordings
Iberia, Orchestre de Paris/ Barenboim – Erato 2292-45266
Iberia, Orchestra of Paris/Barenboim – Erato ECD 88255

Christopher Parkening recordings
Leyenda, Christopher Parkening – Guitar – EMI 47194
Malaguena, Christopher Parkening – Guitar – EMI 47194

Angel Romero recordings
Asturias (Leyenda), Angel Romero, guitar – Telarc CD-80213
Sevillanas, Angel Romero-Guitar – Seraphim 74015
Tango, Angel Romero-Guitar – Seraphim 74015

David Russell recordings
Asturias (Leyenda), David Russell, guitar – Telarc CD-80576
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Sevilla, John Williams, guitar – CBS MDK 45648

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Narcisco Yepes recordings
Asturias, Op 47, Narcisco Yepes, guitar – DG B000400-02
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