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Buie, Buddy (23rd July 1941-18th July 2015)

He was a songwriter and vocalist born Perry Carlton Buie in Marianna, Florida, who grew up in Dothan, Alabama. He teamed up  with his friend, Bobby Goldsboro, when he was young and formed the band The Webs.  They learned Roy Orbison songs and when he toured in Dothan they were asked to become his touring band.

They became the Candymen and he became Roy Orbison’s tour manager.  He wrote songs for the Candymen and Roy Orbison and then he was introduced to the group Classics IV.  He co-wrote “Spooky” and “Stormy” which were both hits for Classics IV, as well as providing hit songs for B.J. Thomas and Billy Joe Royal.

In 1970 he brought together session musicians to form Atlanta Rhythm Section , who had hits with songs such as “So Into You” and “Imaginary Lover”.  He was their manager and producer and his name is listed first on all the songwriting credits of their songs.

In 1984 he was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, in 1997 he was inducted into the Alabama Music Hall of Fame and in 2003 he retired to Eufaula, Alabama, with 307 of his songs listed with the BMI.

He died in hospital in Dothan, Alabama, in July 2015 after suffering a heart attack.  He was 74 years old.  He left behind

Atlantic Rhythm Section recordings
The Ballad of Lois Malone (Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/Dean Daughtry/Barry Bailey )
Champagne Jam (Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/J.R. Cobb )
The Great Escape (Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/Barry Bailey )
I’m Not Going to Let It Bother Me Tonight (Buddy Buie/Robert Nix/Dean Daughtry )
Silver Eagle (Buddy Buie/J.R. Cobb )