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Lewis, Kenny Lee (1954-Present)

He is a bass guitarist and singer-songwriter born in Pasadena, California and moving to Sacramento, California, with his family in 1960.  His father played the drums, guitar and tenor sax and his brother and sister were heavily into the folk scene in the 1960s.  By the time he was seven he was playing the ukulele and as he grew older his brother gave him his old guitar.

After the arrival of the Beach Boys on the music scene he would start borrowing electric guitars until he finally managed to get one of his own in 1967.  He began playing with local bands at school dances and a local college junior jazz band, and when he was 17 he moved to Los Angeles and shortly after toured with a rock band.

In 1974 he began working with David Schecter of Schecter Guitar Research and was involved with the development of parts of guitars that are still in use today.

He became in demand as a bass player and in 1978 landed a record deal with his band Pieces.  He moved bands to collaborate with the drummer Gary Mallaber and after being requested for material by Steve Miller and having all the songs taken and appearing on the album Abracadabra, he was asked to sign up for the group.  He became credited as “one of the songwriters who gave Steve Miller ‘personality'”.

He still performs with the band but has continued to write for and perform with many other artists and groups such as David Mason, Meatloaf, Boz Scaggs, Steven Stills, Quincy Jones, B.B. King and Billy Preston as well as underscoring for motion pictures and television with film credits including Protocol, Iron Eagle, Night of the Comet, Pump Up the Volume and Spring Break. Albums he has appeared on during the course of his career include his own Get 2D Point and Music of The Steve Miller Band as well as Playing for Keeps by Eddie Money, Two Hearts by David Mason, Taj by Taj Mahal, Tracker by Tracker, Italian X-Rays. Living in the 20th Century and Live! by The Steve Miller Band and Let Your Love Flow by Solomon Burke.

Steve Miller Band Recordings
Never Say No (John Massaro/Gary Mallaber/Kenny Lee Lewis)