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Margo, Mitch (25th May 1947-24th November 2017)

He was a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born in New York who was an original member of The Tokens with his older brother Phil, his sons Ari and Damien, and his nephew Noah.  Jay Leslie and Mike Johnson were also members.

He is responsible for many of their songs including “I Hear Trumpets Blow” and “Only In My Dreams” and he was only 14 when he first performed the hit song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”.

He was a composer on several films including This Wife for Hire and Goddess of Love .  He was also the designer of the free online reading tool Margo Reader which he had developed with his son Damien.

He died of natural causes in November 2017 in Studio City, California when he was 70 years old.

Angels Recordings
What to Do? (Phil Margo/Mitch Margo/Hank Medress/Jay Siegel/Paul Kahan)