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Margo, Phil (1st April 1942-Present)

He is a songwriter and producer born in New York.  He is an original member of the group The Tokens along with his brother Mitch, his son Noah, and his two nephews Ari and Damien.  Jay Leslie and Mike Johnson are also members.

He worked in Wall Street until he was nineteen.

His songs have been covered by other artists including The Angels and he was the producer on the album Psycle by The Happenings in 1967.  He has written for TV shows such as Diff’rent Strokes and Who’s the Boss and has produced films that include Asteroid and This Wife is For Hire.  He also wrote “Laugh” for the series The Monkees.

In 2010 he published the sci-fi novel The Null Quotient which won the 2011 IRWIN Award.

In 2017 he was still performing and recording with The Tokens.

Angels Recordings
What To Do? (Phil Margo/Mitch Margo/Hank Medress/J. Siegel/Paul Kahan)( US promo)