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Siegel, Ralph (30th September 1945-Present)

He is a musician, songwriter, composer and producer born in Munich, Germany.  He formed the band Dschinghis Khan (Genghis Khan) to go with the song of the same name, which he had written for the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest.  He also formed the band Six4one for the 2006 Swiss entry to perform his song “If We All Give A Little”.   He is a stalwart of writing songs for this contest and has written 24 of the songs, with the first being in 1974 and the latest being in 2017.  He had a winning song with “Ein Bisschen Frieden” (A Little Peace) sung by Nicole in 1982 which also became a successful hit.

Genghis Khan Recordings
Genghis Khan (Ralph Siegel/Bernd Meinunger – Christian Dornaus)
Desert Land (Ralph Siegel/Kurt Hertha – Bernd Meinunger – Christian Dornaus)