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Group formed in Los Angeles who got their break in 1971 from the Philharmonic conductor, Zubin Mehta.

They released their self-titled debut album in 1975, which was engineered by Alan Parsons and nominated for a Grammy award for Best Engineered Recording.  It also produced their first charting singles “Nice, Nice, Very Nice” and “Holdin’ Onto Yesterday”.

In 1977 they appeared in and arranged The Beatles’ “Magical Mystery Tour” for the film All This and WWII.  The following year they started to see real success when their “How Much I Feel” reached No. 3 in the charts and this was equalled again by “The Biggest Part of Me” in 1980.  They participated in the recording of the first album by The Alan Parsons Project and their album One Eighty was released in 1980, receiving three Grammy nominations.

In 1982 they sang the song “Poor Rich Boy” on the Arthur soundtrack but split up after poor sales of their fifth album.  They reformed as a touring band around 1989 and released an anthology and a further album in the mid 1990s.  They are currently still touring with the members also concentrating on solo careers.  A single was released in 2015 with talk of a 2017 album,


  • David Pack (guitar, vocals)(1971-1983 1997-?)
  • Joe Puerta (bass, vocals)(1971-1983, 1989-Present)
  • Christopher North (keyboards, vocals)(1971-1978 1997-Present)
  • Burleigh Drummond (drums)(1971-1983 1997-Present)
  • David Cutler Lewis (keyboards-1977-1983/1990s-Present)
  • Royce Jones (vocals) (1977?-1983)

Ambrosia Recordings

  • The Biggest Part of Me (David Pack)
  • Living On My Own (Burleigh Drummond, Joe Puerta, David Pack)

Here they are performing “How Can You Love Me”….