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Association, The

The Association is a pop music band from California who formed in Los Angeles in 1965 and are noted for being the lead-off band at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967.

On many of their records the instrumentals were done by session musicians and the fact that most members, aside from Kirkman and Alexander, didn’t play on their records was never known and wasn’t advertised.  Many of these musicians were well known, including The Byrds (apart from Roger McGuinn).

In the 1960s they sold over 15 million records and they have 3 of their songs sitting at No.2, “Never My Love”,  No.22, “Cherish” and No.61, “Windy”, on the 100 most played tunes of all time on the radio. They are still performing and the members were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003.


Terry Kirkman (keyboards/reeds/brass/harmonica/recorder/vocals)(1964-1972, 1979-Present).
Jules Gary Alexander (guitar/bass/vocals)(1964-1966, 1968-1973, 1979-1988).
Ted Bluechel Jr (drums/percussion/guitar/vocals)(1964-1976, 1979-1984).
Brian Cole (bass/vocals)(1964-1972)
Russ Giguere (guitar/percussion/vocals)(1964-1970)(1979-Present).
Bob Page (guitar/vocals) (1964)
Jim Yester (rhythm guitar/keyboards/vocals)(1965-1976)(1979-1983)
Larry Ramos (guitar/harmonica/vocals) (1968-1976)(1979-2015)
Richard Thompson (keyboards/vocals) (1970-1974)
Ric Ulsky (keyboards/vocals)(1974-1976,1979-1984)
Del Ramos (vocals)(1989-Present)
Paul Holland (bass/vocals)(1989-Present)
Donni Gougeon (keyboards/vocals)(1989-1999)
Bruce Pictor (Drums/vocals)(1989-Present)
Jordan Cole (guitar/bass/keyboards/vocals)(1999-Present)
Bob Werner (bass/keyboards/vocals) (1999?-Present)

The Association Recordings
Windy (Ruthann Friedmann)
Never My Love (Don & Dick Addrisi)