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Eligibles, The

This was a young barbershop quartet  first formed in the 1950s by the bariton Bob Zwirn, the 2nd tenor Ron Hicklin, the bass Ron Rolla and and the 1st tenor Stan Faber in Renton, Washington and initially known as the Slick Shavers.

They changed their name at some point to The Eligibles and from 1959 were working in California where they made several of their own recordings as well as being called on to sing with artists that included Sonny James, Bobby Vee and Gene Vincent.  Ron Rolla left in 1963 and at some point they were joined by the singer Allan A. “Al” Capps.

They appeared  in the TV series Shindig! and Make Room for Daddy and on album recordings that include their own Love Is a Gamble, Mike Fright and Along the Trail along with The Happiest Band in the Land by Jimmie Haskell & His Band featuring The Eligibles, Beatrice Kay Sings Gay ’90s by Beatrice Kay with the Eligibles and the soundtrack of The Music Man.

They sang on  many recordings such as their own EP  “The Little Engine” and the singles “Car Trouble”, “Faker, Faker”, “That Carmen Twist” “East of West Berlin” and “See What You Can Do For Me” along with “Talk of the School” and “Young Love” by Sonny James,  “I’ll Make You Mine” and “She’s Sorry” by Bobby Vee and “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle” which was the theme for the colour episodes of the TV series Gilligan’s Island in 1965.