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J. Geils Band, The

The J. Geils Band started as an acoustic group in the mid 1960s known as the J. Geils Trio, where they played the folk clubs in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

In 1967 they started to include the electronic guitar, bass, drums and organ and they signed to Atlantic Records in 1970, with whom they released their first album The J. Geils Band that took just three days to record.  Their first FM radio airplay was with the song “First I Look at the Purse” which was followed by several hit singles.

In 1978 they signed to EMI America after their contract with Atlantic Records had run out.  Their success came in the early 1980s with hit singles such as “Freeze Frame” and “Centerfold”.

They recorded their last album You’re Gettin’ Even While I’m Gettin’ Odd in 1984, which was to be their last recording.

The band semi-retired, but reunited in 1999 for a tour.  They broke up again after their sales were disappointing.

In 2006 they did a surprise reunion of the six original members for Danny Klein’s 60th birthday party, which was the first time they had all played together for over 20 years.  They then reunited several times over to make special appearances but after the members toured in 2012 without the presence of J. Geils he took them to court for using his trademark name.  This led to him permanently leaving the band while the others still performed as a guest artist or opening act for singers such as Bon Jovi and Bob Seger.

They were unsuccessfully nominated to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2011 and received a second nomination in October 2016.

J. Geils passed away in April 2017 when he was 71 years old.

J.Geils (lead guitar and vocals)
Danny Klein (bass)
Richard Salwitz (harmonica)
Stephen Jo Bladd (drummer)
Peter Wolf (vocals)
Seth Justman (organ)

The J. Geils Band recordings
Centerfold (Seth Justman)
(EMI America , EA 135)( UK 45 PS)

Flamethrower (Seth Justman)
(EMI America , EA 135)( UK 45 PS)