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This group were a collaboration formed by the singer Robin Scott, alias “M”, in the late 1970s, whose first single was “Moderne Man”, but they became acclaimed in 1979 with their hit single “Pop Muzik” which is regarded as one of the first to use synthesised music in mainstream popular music.

The name M came from a sleeve that Robin Scott had been working on in Jean Baptist Modino’s studio for MM and the M that hung over the Metro station illuminated by fluorescent lighting and he “took it as a sign”.

The group was made up of various members over the years and included artists that would go on to form Level 42 as well as the appearance of David Bowie on “Moonlight and Muzak” .

They achieved chart success in the UK with “Moonlight and Muzak”, “That’s the Way the Money Goes” and “Official Secrets”.  They would also release a total of three albums between 1979 and 1981: New York, London, Paris, Munich, The Official Secrets Act and Famous Last Words and in 2004 The History – Pop Muzik the 25th Anniversary was released.

Wally Badarou (synthesiser)
Gary Barnacle (saxophone)
J.J. Belle (guitar)
Thomas Dolby (moog synthesiser)
Andy Gill (guitar)
Phil Gould (drums)
Justin Hildreth
Mark King (bass/guitar/drums)
Tony Levin (guitar)
John Lewis (synthesiser programmer)
Nick Plytas (keyboards)
Berenice Scott (vocals)
Julian Scott (bass)
Robin Scott (vocals)
Colin Townes (guitar)
Brigit Vinchon (Novik) (vocals)
Yukihiro Takahashi (drums)

M recordings
Pop Muzik (Robin Scott)
M Factor (Robin Scott)