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Martin Best Consort

The contemporary troubadour Martin Best set up this consort in the early to mid 1970s to bring the sound of medieval and renaissance Europe to a modern audience.

They quickly gained acclaim and have performed throughout the world as well as making numerous recordings such as The Warwickshire Lad, To Carl Michael With Love, Forgotten Provence, Thys Yool and The Last of the Troubadours.

Anonymous French 13th Century recordings

Alle Psallite

Nimbus NI 5445 (CD: Forgotten Provence)


  • Jeremy Barlow (Flute, recorder, piano, organ)
  • Martin Best (Vocals/guitar/lute/psaltery)
  • Colin Bilham (Double-bass/viola da gamba)
  • Giles Chabonard (Veille)
  • David Corkhill (Hammer dulcimer/tambourine)
  • Libby Crabtree (Soprano)
  • Simon Davies (Tenor)
  • Edward Flower (Guitar/lute)
  • Natanja Hadda (Alto)
  • Robin Jeffrey (Cittern/oud/thorbo/laouto)
  • Caris Lane (Soprano)
  • Christopher Lebon (Cello, treble, tenor viol, tabor)
  • Rebecca Outram (Soprano)
  • Kim Porter (Alto)
  • Lucie Skeaping (Violin/fidele/rebec/pipe)
  • Susannah Spicer (Alto)
  • Rosemary Thornydycraft (Viola da gamba)
  • Paul Tindell(Tenor)
  • David Tosh (Dulcimer/nakers/tabor)
  • Matthew Vine (Tenor)