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Country outfit formerly known as Blue Creek who were recruited by Woody Bowles, Buzz Cason, and Freddy Weller to become a concept band, unlike anything that had ever been seen before.  Freddy discovered Blue Creek playing in a Nashville lounge, and they happened to sound exactly like what he was looking for in a new band.  He and Buzz had been working on an album called Go for the Night and were looking for a certain sound.

They were also looking for a certain image.  Why should rock groups have all the fun dressing up in glitter outfits?  Surely there was room in country for a little glitz.  They asked Kiss costumer Pete Menafee to design their new duds, which looked like a cross between old-school Grand Ole Opry outfits and the Village People.  Freddy himself likened them to the costumes on Battlestar Galactica.

In 1980, they released a promo on Epic entitled “Cowboy Stomp!”  In retrospect, they were probably too gimmicky for even the fickle country scene of the 1980s, and little information is available on the band.  They are not to be confused with “The Spurzz”, a Cincinnati-based band that plays an entirely different style of country music.

Gary DiBenedetto (Pedal Steel)
Tony Ingram (Drums, Fiddle, Vocals)
Travis Lewis (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Lee Newell (Keyboards, Vocals)
Anthony Valentine(Bass, Vocals)

Spurzz recordings
Cowboy Stomp! (Buzz Cason/Freddy Weller)