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Baggy Trousers

(Graham McPherson/Chris Foreman/Mike Barson)

This song was written about Suggs’ (Graham McPherson) schooldays and the video was shot at a park and in a school in Kentish Town, London.  The video became famous for Lee Thompson flying through the air while playing the saxophone and wearing baggy trousers.

The song has been used with different lyrics for a toothpaste commercial, and it was also recorded in a Spanish version for Latin American countries.

The artist MC Hammer has hinted this is where he got the idea for the trousers he used to wear.

Madness recordings
Stiff Records: BUY 84-A (UK45)

This version was released on 5th September 1980 and reached No. 1 in the Belgian chart and No. 3 in the UK and New Zealand chart.  It appears on the 1980 Madness album Absolutely.