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Carolan’s Air

(Turlough O’Carolan)

This song was written sometime in the late 17th/early 18th century by the Irish composer Turlough O’ Carolan and is known by several titles which include “Carden’s Welcome”, “Carolan’s Welcome”, “O’Carolan’s Air” and “O’Carolan’s Welcome”.

Originally there was no title for the tune but it has been given the above names in more modern times.

In 1979 the tune was given the name “Carolan’s Welcome” when The Chieftains used it for the Pope’s visit to Ireland.  Monsignor Frisina, who was the composer to the Pope at the time, then orchestrated it for inclusion on the recording A Christmas in Rome.

The song has been performed on several different instruments and appears on many recordings of Irish music.

Boys of the Isles recordings
Fine Tune 2221-2 (CD: Traditional Airs for the Celtic Harp and Fiddle)