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Concerto for Flute in F Major – Con Sordini (Alberti)

(Giuseppe Matteo Alberti)

This piece was composed by Giuseppe Matteo Alberti in Bologna, Italy, probably around the turn of the 17th-18th Century.  It is of the Baroque period and the composer is said to have been greatly influenced by the work of Antonio Vivaldi.  ” Con Sordini” is an instruction for the musician to play the piece using a mute.  The movements of the piece are listed as:

(i)                  Allegro
(ii)                Adagio
(iii)               Allegro Spiritoso

I Solisti Veneti recordings
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra in A major
Sony Classical SK 47228 (CD: Italian Flute Concertos)
Conductor  Claudio Scimone
Flute –  Jean-Pierre Rampal