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Cowboy Stomp!

(Buzz Cason/Freddy Weller)

Debut single by Spurzz, released as a promo in 1980 on the Epic label.  To promote the record, Spurzz offered to do personalized station identifications for radio stations.

The song makes sure to get a dig in at disco, a popular sentiment at the time, but offers something equally innocuous in its place.  The repetitive chorus is clearly hopeful that fans will not only dance to this song, but sing along, as well.  This song is evocative of the kind of country-pop records that were being released in the 1980s.

It may have “Cowboy” in the title, but it is as far removed from Gene Autry and Roy Rogers as, well… disco.  It does have a nifty steel guitar solo, though.

Spurzz recordings
Epic 9-50911 ZSS 167440