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Cry for a Shadow

(George Harrison/John Lennon)

This instrumental was recorded on 22nd June 1961 at the Friedrich Ebert Halle school in Hamburg, Germany, while The Beatles were the backing group for the singer Tony Sheridan.  The piece was written to parody “Frightened City” by the successful guitar group The Shadows, who performed with Cliff Richard, and would become Britain’s most successful rock & roll instrumental group.  The song had the original title “Beatle Bop” and is the only time that a song has been credited to just George Harrison and John Lennon.  It was the first recording of a Beatles composition to be made and appears on the 1964 album The Beatles, Tony Sheridan and Their Guests, The Beatles Anthology 1 and also on the album Dreamy by the Beat Happenings.   Pete Best was the drummer who appeared with The Beatles and Tony Sheridan when this song was recorded.

The Beatles with Tony Sheridan recordings
MGM K13227 (64-XY-307) (US 45)