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Drive My Car

(John Lennon/Paul McCartney)

This song was written in the home of John Lennon in Weybridge, Surrey.  Paul McCartney had already thought of the tune but the lyrics he had thought up proved to be problematic as he hadn’t want to use “rings” again, so they were dismissed.  Later McCartney said they had been “disastrous” and Lennon called them “too soft” and “crap”.  They decided on the theme, which was of a woman telling the male narrator that she was going to be famous and would like him as her chauffeur along with a provider of  “personal” services even though she doesn’t yet have a car.

It has been written that Paul later said “Drive my car was an old blues euphemism for sex” and he also told the British magazine Melody Maker that is had been written as “a comedy number”.

The recording on 13th October 1965 became their first of their sessions to run past midnight and Paul McCartney and George Harrison worked together on the rhythm track.  George was influenced by the bass on “Respect” by Otis Redding and utilised it for this recording, as well as composing the guitar riff.

The song was released on the UK version of Rubber Soul in December 1965 and was released the in June of the following year on the American Yesterday and Today.  It alter appeared on the 2006 album Love.

It has been performed and recorded several times since by artists that include Breakfast Club, Bobby McFerrin, The Hot Rats, Stars on 45 and Bret Michaels and Paul McCartney performed with George Michael for Super Bowl XXXIX.

Stars On/Starsound recordings
Medley:  Intro “Venus” – Sugar Sugar – No Reply – I’ll Be Back – Drive My Car – Do You Want to Know a Secret – We Can Work it Out – I Should Have Known Better – Nowhere Man – You’re Going to Lose That Girl – Stars on 45 (Jeff Barry/Martin Duiser/Jaap Eggermont/Andy Kim/Robbie van Leeuwen/John Lennon/Paul McCartney)