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Fiddle Faddle

(Leroy Anderson)

Composed by Leroy Anderson in 1947, after getting the idea for a fast string piece from composers such as Paganini, this piece had the title chosen first and then the work for strings, described as a “modern perpetual motion piece” added afterwards.  Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra premiered it, and Leroy Anderson joked that everyone had been calling it “Fiedler Faddler” but that was OK with him.

Leroy Anderson and his Symphony Orchestra recordings
MCA MCAD2-9815-A (CD: The Leroy Anderson Collection)

Richard Hayman and his Symphony Pops Orchestra recordings
Naxos 8.990011 (CD: Waltzing Cat)

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra recordings
RCA 68048-2 (CD: The Typewriter)
Conductor – Leonard Slatkin