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Forever Young

(Bob Dylan)

This song, written by Bob Dylan appears on his 1974 album Planet Waves, and was originally written for his children.  It was one of the first three songs demoed in June 1973 in preparation for a new album.  The song took the longest time of all the songs to be recorded by Dylan for this album as, although he sang it many times, it turned out to be so difficult to record as he was never happy with the result.  After the producer and engineer, Rob Fraboni, spoke to him about it, he said “I’ve been carrying this song around in my head for five years and I never wrote it down and now I come to record it I just can’t decide how to do it.”

Other artists that have performed it include Patti Labelle and one of the best known other recordings was by Dylan’s ex-girlfriend, Joan Baez, who features it on her album Greatest Hits.

Joan Baez recordings
A&M 1516-S, 2633-S (US 45)