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Goodbye Mr. Chips

(Richard Addinsell)

This is the score from the 1939 film which starred Robert Donat and Greer Garson and won an Academy Award with a further 7 nominations.  Richard Addinsell collaborated with the producer Victor Savile and the film was made in England by MGM under the direction of Sam Wood.

All the music written for the original score has been lost, with the exception of a piano score of the school song by Eric Maschwitz.  The suite was arranged using music from the theme, which was reconstructed for concert use, two versions of the school song and using a tubular bell to imitate the sound of the school bell.

BBC Concert Orchestra Recordings
Goodbye Mr. Chips Suite
Marco Polo 8.223732 (CD: Goodbye Mr. Chips/A Tale of Two Cities)
Conductor – Kenneth Alwyn