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I Confess

(Paul Anka)

This song was written by Paul Anka in the early 1950s and it became the first single he recorded and released.

He had gone to Los Angeles to visit his uncle when he was fourteen years old and while there he asked him to take him to Modern Records which was based in Culver City.  He wanted to meet Ernie Freeman and tell him about a song he had written called “Blau-Wile Deveest Fontaine”.  This was a good move as he came out of it with a recording contract and the recognition of being the first and only white performer at Modern Records.

“I Confess” was recorded by Paul and the doo-wop group The Jacks and released in 1956 with the flip side being “Bleu-Wile Deveest Fontaine”.  It appeared on the 1959 album The Fabulous Paul Anka and Others and late on Paul Anka’s Greatest Hits.  Although just receiving a moderate amount of attention and selling about 3,000 copies, it was enough to start Paul Anka on his hugely successful musical career.