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I Will Listen

(Keith Helliwell/Rob Mackenzie)

This song written and performed by Northeastern Sunrise had the lyrics written by Keith Helliwell and the music added by Rob Mackenzie.

According to Keith Helliwell the words are “from a man’s point of view – it’s not often that men don’t listen!”  The man in the lyrics does listen in this instance with a sympathetic and supporting feeling towards the woman he’s listening to.

Keith Helliwell said that the song was one of the most difficult they have recorded as the timing of it is paramount.  If it’s performed too fast then it loses the gentleness it aims to portray.

It appears on the Northeastern Sunrise Expectation EP and now takes its place as a regular inclusion in their live sets.  It has proven so popular that they were asked to perform it a second time during a gig after someone had liked it so much.

Northeastern Sunrise recordings
Expectation EP

Many thanks to Keith Helliwell for providing information for this page.