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It Takes Two To Tango

(Richard Myhill/Phil Wainman)

This song written by Richard Myhill and Phil Wainman was essentially a one-off hit for Richard Myhill who took it to No. 17 in the UK chart in 1978 and it was his only successful single release, although he had previous released two solo albums.  He co-wrote it with the songwriter and producer Phil Wainman who had looked after several successful British groups such as Sweet and the Bay City Rollers.  The single was released with the B-Side being “I Wanna Know Why” by the same composing duo.

The song was later adapted for the Offenburg Municipal Orchestra by the city’s music director Thomas Berger and the city counsellor and vocalist Jess Haberer to recognise the painting of the same name by the French artist Guy Respaud.  Seen as a “cultural climax of Tango history” it was premiered at an indoor riding arena on 21st May 2004.

Richard Myhill recordings
Mercury/Utopia 6007 167 (UK 45)