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Patapan and Farandole

(Bernard de la Monnoye/Georges Bizet/Jeremy Jackman)

This Christmas song by Jeremy Jackson of The King’s Singers has been written using the traditional French Christmas carol “Patapan” by Bernard de la Monnoye and “Farandole” by Gheorges Bizet.  It was arranged by Robert Chilcott, also of The King’s Singers.

It has been performed by The King’s Singers accompanied by the City of London Sinfonia and appears on their 1989 Christmas album A Little Christmas Music.  It was also performed by them on the 1989 video release King’s Singers Holiday Special with the Kansas City Symphony.

The King’s Singers recordings
EMI 49909 (CD: A Little Christmas Music)
Jeremy Jackson – Countertenor and composer
Alastair Hume – Countertenor
Bob Chilcott – Tenor and Arranger
Bruce Russell – Baritone
Simon Carrington – Baritone
Stephen Connolly – Bass