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Pfft! You Were Gone

(Susan Heather)

Novelty song from the pen of Susan Heather (a.k.a. Marian B. Yarneall) recorded by Bob Newman in July 1952.

It achieved fame on the country music variety program, Hee Haw, when Archie Campbell and Gordie Tapp sang it as a duet. The song’s subject matter is familiar: A husband laments the fact that his wife left him, although the lyrics suggest he’s not all that upset about it. The punch line is the Bronx cheer or raspberry (“Pfft!”) delivered by the singer(s) in the last line of the chorus.

“Pfft! You Were Gone” became a running gag on the show, and part of the fun was seeing who would show up to sing it. Campbell and Tapp were the mainstays, but frequently Tapp would be substituted for by whatever celebrity guest was on that week. Sometimes, two altogether different singers would perform the sketch.

Archie Campbell recorded his version in the 1960s, and it appears on his 1966 album, Have a Laugh on Me. It also made the cut on The Best of Archie Campbell. In August 1969, it was released as a single, backed with another of Archie’s skits, “Rindercella”.

Archie Campbell recordings
Pfft! You Were Gone (Susan Heather)
RCA 74-0232 (SWKS-2569)