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Pop Muzik

(Robin Scott)

According to Robin Scott this record was composed where he was “looking to make a fusion of various styles which somehow would summarise the last 25 years of pop music.”  It was released in 1979, with the B-Side being “M Factor”, and reached No. 2 in the UK charts in May and No. 1 in the US in the November.  It was accompanied by a video where Robin Scott played a DJ accompanied by two robotic looking women singing and dancing and featured what was a rather drab woman singing the vocals which were then mimed by the other two (as would happen in real life with other bands on a number of occasions).  Robin Scott’s wife, Brigit Novik, sang the additional vocals on the single and his brother Julian played the bass, and Wally Badarou on keyboards.

The song has been subsequently re-mixed and remade by other artists including Marcus, eX-Girl, Junior Vasquez and the Dub Pistols and U2 used the Steve Osborne dance remix at the beginning of concerts in their PopMart 2 and released the mix on their “Last Night on Earth” single.  The picture of the baby girl on the sleeve of the single is actually Robin Scott’s daughter, Berenice.

M recordings
MCA 413 (UK 45)