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Rameau Remembered for Flute and Orchestra (Aitken)

(Hugh Aitken)

This piece was written by Hugh Aitken for the opening concert of the 1980 White Mountains Festival, New Hampshire, at the request of Gerard Schwarz and was commissioned by David Dana, the President of the White Mountain Center.  The music of Rameau that was used to assist in writing this piece was from the operas Castor and Pollux and Les Indes Galantes with some of the music staying the same as is was originally written and some being changed into what Hugh Aitken describes as taking “unexpected harmonic or rhythmic turns”.  The piece consists of :

(i)                  Overture
(ii)                Loure, Gavotte, Air
(iii)               Prelude, Minuet, Two Airs
(iv)              Sad Preparations
(v)                Two Passepieds, Tambourin

Seattle Symphony Orchestra Recordings
Artek 0004 (CD: Hugh Aitken: Aspen Concerto, Rameau Remembered, In Praise of Ockeghem)
Conductor – Gerard Schwarz
Flute – Scott Goff


  1. CD – Liner Notes: Hugh Aitken – Aspen Concerto, Rameau Remembered, In Praiseof Ockeghem