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(Leroy Anderson)

This piece was written by Leroy Anderson for orchestra over the New Year of 1948 in Woodbury, Connecticut.  It was premiered by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops Orchestra on 27th May of that year and first recorded in June 1950.  It is the composer’s own version of the sarabande which was a dance popular in the 18th century.  Beginning with a Baroque theme which has been described as “more Italianate than Bachian” it makes way for the brass to enter, doubling the tempo, and giving it a foxtrot rhythm, mixing the traditional and the modern day.

Cologne Radio Orchestra recordings
Laser Light 15 248 (CD: Symphonic Pops/Blue Tango)
Conductor – Pinchas Steinberg

Eastman-Rochester Pops recordings
Mercury 432 013-2 (CD: The Music of Leroy Anderson)
ConductorFrederick Fennell