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(Keith Helliwell/Rob Mackenzie)

This song was written by the two members of the duo Northeastern Sunrise, Keith Helliwell and Rob Mackenzie, who are based in Ross-shire, Scotland.  Working in collaboration, Keith Helliwell wrote the lyrics and melody with the tune being added by Rob Mackenzie.

It relates the story of a war-torn solder who is struggling with the fight to overcome his personal battle with post-war syndrome.  The line “We go to war and step into the mist” describes the soldier going into an unfamiliar situation where he has no idea of what’s going to happen or what the end result will be and the turmoil he experiences when he tries to get himself back into some kind of normality.

The song appears as the first track on the Northeastern Sunrise Expectation EP.

Northeastern Sunrise recordings
Expectation EP

Many thanks to Keith Helliwell who has contributed information to this page.