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Snoopy vs the Red Baron

(Phil Gernhard/Dick Holler)

Novelty song written by Phil Gernhard and Dick Holler and recorded by The Royal Guardsmen.  It topped the Australian pop charts for five weeks running, went to #2 in the U.S. and #6 in the U.K.  Dick Holler originally intended this to be an historical record along the lines of “The Battle of New Orleans” but record producer Phil Gernhard thought it would make a good novelty song.  He marketed it to several bands and The Royal Guardsmen recorded a version he was satisfied with.  Peanuts creator Charles Schulz never gave his okay on this, and was healthily recompensed.  It is now also the title of a popular video game.

The Royal Guardsmen recordings
Laurie LR 3366 (TK4M-5597) (US 45 promo)